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The Ivori Palms - 1st Edition Paperback Novel

Image of The Ivori Palms - 1st Edition Paperback Novel


Redding Hunter's 300-page novel follows a prescription pill-popper whose highly increased Relaxxall dosage has begun causing memory lapses. He checks himself into a hotel to try to kick the mind-warping habit, but as he takes less each day, he starts to notice that everything around him is getting weirder and weirder...

Buyers will receive an autographed, numbered 1st edition, 1st printing (300 copies total) of "The Ivori Palms", which have arrived and are NOW SHIPPING IMMEDIATELY. This edition contains the self-published version of the novel exactly as Hunter submitted it to his editor, word for word. Please include a name for the intended recipient so Hunter can autograph it appropriately. Your support in buying this novel will in turn allow us to afford to print a larger, edited 2nd edition with promotion and wider circulation. So hey, THANKS for supporting independent art!

Critical acclaim for Redding Hunter’s previous work:

“Thanks in large part to the sly, mysterious troubadour at its core, Lightness cements Hunter’s reputation as a creative dreamer and master storyteller.”

“Absolutely mesmerizing, seducing listeners with dreams of freedom, adventure, collapse, and rebirth.”

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